Lawyer’s Collection and Claims management

Lawyer’s Collection and Claims management

What to do if the client does not pay!

It is common and widespread practice to exceed terms of payment. Many clients, especially bigger companies, meet their obligation to pay only a long time after the due date or allow themselves to be taken to court. This kind of easy and cheap credit is sometimes even taken into consideration in the budget.
Such business practice often leads to considerable economic disadvantages – in extreme cases this can have such an impact as to threaten the whole existence of the creditor. For this reason a resolute claim management policy is important, especially for smaller and medium sized companies.

Collection – Get your money with vigour.

In order that slow parties to the contract do not take it out on you and that you receive your due money on time, you can commission either a debt collection agency or a law firm that represents and ensures your interests.

The disadvantages of such collection agencies cannot, however, be denied.

It is only possible to get hold of the debtor with a legal writ of enforcement: collection agencies are not able to render this.

The direct engagement of a lawyer offers nothing but advantages. On the one hand, you save time, as your claims can be imposed in court without delay or other interim steps. On the other hand, you do not risk any costs, as in the case of successful legal proceedings all expenses and fees are borne entirely by the debtor.

Anwaltsinkasso und Lawyer’s Collection and Claims management

Our law firm offers you made-to-measure debt collection and claims management:

We relieve you of any problems with open claims and leave you with time to earn your money!